20 Best Halloween Devil Makeup Ideas

Discover 20 captivating Halloween devil makeup ideas to ignite your spooky creativity. Try these simple ideas and unleash your inner devil with these fiery looks.


10/8/20239 min read

Halloween is the season of spooky fun, creepy costumes, and of course, amazing makeup!

Whether you're a makeup pro or a beginner, Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to test your skills and creativity.

One of the most captivating themes that never goes out of style is devil makeup. If you're tired of the usual witches and ghosts, why not dive into a devilish theme? Devil makeup offers a spectrum of fiery and intimidating ideas that can make you stand out.

In this article, we're going to dive into a variety of devil makeup ideas that cater to different tastes and skill levels. From easy devil makeup to demonic makeup, there's something for everyone.

Here's why glam devil makeup is a great idea for Halloween.

Stand Out with Versatility

Devil makeup is not a one-size-fits-all. You can go for a sultry look with smoky eyes and dark lips or opt for a more playful vibe with neon colors. The versatility allows you to express different facets of your personality. Whether you want to be a glamorous red devil or a cute, heart-shaped face devil, the options are endless.

Easy to Achieve

You don't need to be a makeup guru to pull off a devilish look. Many devil makeup ideas are easy to achieve with basic makeup essentials. For instance, a simple winged liner or a red eyeshadow can be enough to give you that devilish charm.

Preparation Tips

Before you start, make sure you have all the makeup essentials. This usually includes eyeshadows, eyeliners, lipsticks, and possibly some face paint. Don't forget setting sprays to keep your makeup intact throughout the night.

Types of Devil Makeup

Easy Devil Makeup

Sometimes, less is more. If you're short on time or new to makeup, you can still achieve a great devil makeup look.

How to achieve an easy devil makeup look:

Start with a base of foundation that matches your skin tone. Then, use a red eyeshadow to create a smokey eye look. Add a bit of black eyeliner, and you're almost there. A red or black lipstick completes the look.

Easy devil face paint:

If you're not into makeup but still want to join the fun, face paint is a great alternative. Simply use red and black face paint to draw devilish features like horns and a tail on your cheeks or forehead.

Glam Devil Makeup

Ready to steal the show? Glam devil makeup is all about sparkle, shimmer, and dazzling details.

What makes it glam:

The use of glitter, high-quality eyeshadows, and perhaps even some beauty gems set glam apart from other types.

Tips for achieving the glam look:

Consider applying eye gem ideas around your eyes or on your cheeks. Also, use a shimmering red eyeshadow and a touch of gold highlighter for that celestial glow.

Red Devil Makeup

When people think of devils, red is usually the first color that comes to mind.

Why red is the go-to color for devil makeup:

Red symbolizes fire, passion, and energy, making it perfect for a devilish look.

Black Devil Makeup

While red is popular, black offers a mysterious and darker vibe.

When and why to opt for black:

Choose black for a more sinister and mysterious look. Black devil makeup is perfect for those who want to look evil yet classy.

Simple Devil Makeup

If you're looking for something quick and easy, simple devil makeup is for you.

Quick and easy ideas for simple looks:

Go for a red eyeshadow blended with a bit of brown for a less intense look. Simple black eyeliner and a nude or red lip can complete this simple devil makeup easy style.

Sexy Devil Makeup

Feeling a bit sultry this Halloween?

Ideas for a sultry devil look:

Add some smoky eyeshadow, bold eyelashes, and a dark red or even black lip for a sexy devil makeup look. Don't forget a bit of highlighter for that heavenly glow.

Demonic Makeup

For those who want to take their devilish look to the extreme, demonic makeup is the answer.

For those who want to go all out:

Experiment with special effects makeup to create scales or even prosthetic horns. Dark, bold eyeshadows in colors like black, red, and even purple can add depth and intensity.

So, here are some quick devil design ideas for women to consider this Halloween:
Start with a red base for the face. Highlight the cheekbones with dark red or black. Finish with black eyeliner and mascara. Top it with devil horns.

Classic Red Devil

A red and black smokey eye with glitter. Red lipstick and dramatic eyelashes make the look fierce. Don’t forget the horns adorned with jewels.

Glamorous Devil

Pale face makeup, dark eyes, and black lipstick. Paint black veins or a mystical symbol on the forehead.

Dark Gothic Devil

Smokey eyes with red and black eyeshadow, bold black eyeliner, and red lipstick. A pair of sexy devil horns completes the look.

Sultry Devil

White and blue face paint with icy blue eyes. Frosty white lips and icicle accessories add a chill.

Icy Devil

Orange, yellow, and red face paint in flame designs. Fiery eyes and lips pull the theme together.

Fire Devil

Red face paint covered in red glitter, with sparkling eyes and lips. A shiny devil look for those who love to sparkle.

Glitter Devil

Sparkling red glitter in the eyes and lips complement the crimson face paint. This is the devil's style for the glitterati.

Shiny Devil

Neon red and pink face paint, with bold neon eyeshadow and lipstick. Glow in the dark for a party night.

Neon Devil

Soft red and black eyeshadow, elegant eyeliner, and classic red lips. A subtle, classy devil look.

Elegant Devil

Retro style makeup with a devilish twist. Red lipstick, winged eyeliner, and subtle red cheeks.

Vintage Devil

Bold outlines and comic book shading create a 2D effect. Colorful, fun, and unique.

Comic Devil

Grey and red face paint for a dead, decayed look. Zombie-style makeup with devil horns.

Zombie Devil

Dark, dramatic eyes, contoured cheekbones, and black lipstick. Scary yet sophisticated.

Demoness Devil

Soft pink and red eyeshadow, cute eyeliner wings, and pink lips. A sweet and girly devil look.

Cute Devil

Black smokey eyes, bold red lips, and a red star around one eye. Rock the devil look with style.

Rockstar Devil

Beautiful, ethereal makeup in red and black hues. A soft, fantasy devil look.

Fairy Devil

Star and moon symbols, with mystic eyes and enchanting red and black hues.

Mystical Devil

Dripping blood effects around the mouth and eyes, with dark, dramatic makeup.

Bloodthirsty Devil

Dark eyes, pointed eyebrows, and red lips. A blend of witch and devil aesthetics.

Witchy Devil

Halloween Themes

Here are halloween themes where you can go with devil or demon makup ideas:

Demon Makeup

Another show-stopping option for Halloween is demon makeup. While similar to devil makeup, demon looks often incorporate more special effects and intricate details.

How it's different from devil makeup:

Demon makeup often uses darker colors and might include special effects like latex prosthetics to create a more intense, scary look. Demon face paint and demon eye makeup can also add to the effect.

Angel Makeup for Halloween

If you're attending a Halloween event with a partner or group, consider the classic battle between good and evil with angel makeup for Halloween as a contrast to devil makeup.

How to contrast devil makeup with angel makeup:

While devil makeup often employs reds and blacks, angel makeup uses lighter shades like white and gold. It can be a fun and impactful duo or group theme.

Scary Makeup Ideas

Not all devils have to be glam or sexy; they can be downright terrifying too.

Incorporate scary elements:

Use scary makeup ideas like fake blood, deep shadowing, and even prosthetic scars to make your devil makeup more intimidating.

Creepy Makeup Ideas

Sometimes, the scare factor comes from being unsettling rather than outright frightening.

How to make it creepy:

Creepy makeup ideas could include making your eyes look hollow with dark shadow or using lip color that contrasts sharply with your overall look, making you appear more eerie.

Spooky Makeup Looks

If you want to keep things a bit lighter but still maintain a Halloween vibe, spooky makeup looks are a good middle-ground.

Easy ways to make it spooky:
Consider using neon Halloween makeup for a more ethereal, ghostly effect. Glowing makeup can be both attractive and spooky, especially in darker settings.

Ghostly Makeup Ideas

Add a spectral touch to your devil makeup for a unique twist.

How to achieve a ghostly look:

Use lighter shades and white face paint to give your devil makeup a ghostly makeup appearance. You can even add some white demon makeup touches to keep within the devil theme but add a ghostly flair.

Evil Makeup

If you want to go beyond the devil and demon themes, evil makeup can be a broader category that lets you be as creative as you wish.

Elements to include:

Dark, brooding colors, exaggerated eyebrows, and deep contouring can help you achieve an evil look that still feels in line with the devil theme.

Do's of Halloween Devil Makeup Ideas

  • Test Products: Always test new products on a small area of your skin to avoid any allergic reactions.

  • Quality Matters: Use good quality makeup products to ensure longevity and better results.

  • Practice: If the look you're going for is intricate, practice a few times before the big night.

Don'ts of Halloween Devil Makeup Ideas
  • Overdo It: Less is often more. Don't go overboard with the makeup, as it can make you look more funny than scary.

  • Ignore Your Outfit: Your makeup should complement your outfit, not clash with it.

  • Forget the Setting Spray: The last thing you want is your makeup melting off halfway through the night.

So, whether you're aiming for a look that's more angelic or downright evil, there are endless ways to theme your devil makeup for Halloween. From demonic makeup looks to angel makeup ideas, the possibilities are endless. Devil makeup is a fantastic choice for Halloween for its versatility, ease, and the ability to make a statement. With a little preparation and attention to detail, you can create a look that will be the talk of the party. So, this Halloween, why not let your inner devil out?