Get Inspired with the Best Hippie Neo Soul Outfits

Hippie neo soul style combines elements of hippie, boho, and neo soul aesthetics. Find out what options can you try.


A. Bourne

2/27/20246 min read

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Hippie neo soul style combines elements of hippie, boho, and neo soul aesthetics. It tends to have a relaxed, earthy, and retro vibe.

Outfits often include loose, flowy silhouettes like maxi dresses, wide-leg pants, loose tops, kimonos or dusters. Natural fabrics like cotton, linen, or silk in earth tones and muted colors are common.

Distinctive details include floral prints, paisley patterns, fringe trim, crochet or lace accents, headwraps or bandanas, and ethnic-inspired embroidery. Layering necklaces, stacking rings, and statement earrings add artisan flair.

Footwear leans toward sandals, flat boots, or moccasins. Brands like Free People, Anthropologie, and Urban Outfitters capture the hippie neo soul style.

Who Made Hippie Neo Soul Outfits Popular?

The popularity of hippie neo-soul outfits can be attributed to a combination of factors and individuals across different eras and genres. The resurgence and reinterpretation of the hippie aesthetic, known as neo-hippie, emerged in the early 2010s, appealing particularly to Gen Z and millennial consumers who value sustainability and ethical production. This trend reflects a modern twist on the loose-fitting clothing, natural materials, tie-dye, and peace symbols characteristic of the original hippie movement.

Erykah Badu, a prominent figure in the music industry, has played a significant role in popularizing the neo-soul style, which overlaps with neo-hippie fashion in its eclectic and expressive nature. Since her debut in 1997, Badu has consistently showcased a unique aesthetic that blends elements of the African diaspora, Rastafarian, afrofuturistic, and urban streetwear influences. Her fearless approach to fashion, combining culturally rich and varied references, has made her a style icon and a major influence on the neo-soul and, by extension, neo-hippie fashion movements.

While the article on "Hippiebilly" country albums and the profile of writer Ian Penman provide interesting insights into related music and cultural movements, they do not directly contribute to the popularization of hippie neo-soul outfits. Similarly, the TV Tropes page on Music of Note mentions influential musical acts and movements but does not specifically address the rise of hippie neo-soul fashion.

In summary, the neo-hippie and neo-soul fashion trends have been popularized by a combination of consumer interest in sustainability and the influential style of artists like Erykah Badu. These trends represent a modern reinterpretation of the 1960s hippie movement, emphasizing individuality, nonconformity, and a commitment to ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

Here are a few key considerations for wearing neo-soul hippie outfits:


  • Music festivals, concerts, or casual social gatherings where you want to express your free-spirited style

  • More formal events like weddings or parties may not be as suitable

What to Consider

  • Comfort - loose, flowy fabrics like linen or cotton that breathe well

  • Authenticity - incorporate vintage elements or handmade touches rather than just buying a pre-packaged "hippie" outfit

  • Personal style - add your own flair that feels true to who you are, not just copying a trend

  • Appropriateness - make sure necklines, hemlines, etc. are suitable for the occasion

  • Confidence - wear it with pride and don't worry what others think! The hippie vibe empowers personal expression.

Key Pieces

  • Flowy pants or long skirt

  • Loose peasant blouse or tunic

  • Layers like kimonos, ponchos, or vests

  • Funky accessories like large hoop earrings, headwraps, hats, or boho jewelry

    The neo-hippie or neo-soul look walks the line between modern and retro. Have fun with it by mixing vintage elements with your own personal twist! And if you're looking for some inspiration, here are some great ideas for hippie neo soul outfits to consider:

1. A long, flowing maxi dress in earthy tones like olive green or mustard yellow, paired with a wide-brimmed floppy hat, layered beaded necklaces, and suede ankle boots.

Flowy Bohemian Goddess

High-waisted bell-bottom jeans, a cropped tie-dye t-shirt, platform sandals, round sunglasses, and a fringed suede vest.

Funky Retro Diva

A patchwork maxi skirt, a crochet crop top, layered coin belts, leather sandals with ankle wraps, and a headscarf with intricate prints.

Ethnic Fusion Maven

A sheer, embroidered kimono-style robe over a lace bodysuit, distressed denim shorts, ankle boots adorned with feathers and fringe, and an oversized floppy hat.

Eclectic Songbird

A vintage band t-shirt, high-waisted distressed denim shorts, fishnet stockings, combat boots, round sunglasses, and a faux fur coat.

Vintage Soul Rebel

A tie-dye slip dress layered over a mesh long-sleeve top, accessorized with crystal jewelry, floral headband, barefoot sandals, and a woven basket bag.

Dreamy Earth Child

Wide-legged linen pants, a peasant blouse with intricate embroidery, leather gladiator sandals, layered pendant necklaces, and a straw fedora.

Boho Chic Nomad

Cargo pants, a graphic tank top with nature-inspired motifs, hiking boots, a utility vest with pockets, and a wide-brimmed hat.

Urban Jungle Explorer

A velvet maxi skirt with celestial prints, a cropped crochet top, metallic temporary tattoos, velvet platform boots, and a crystal pendant necklace.

Mystical Enchantress

A peasant-style maxi dress with a floral print, lace-up sandals, a fringed suede bag, oversized sunglasses, and a stack of bangles.

Free-spirited Wanderer

A vintage bandana-print jumpsuit, platform sneakers, statement earrings made of recycled materials, a denim jacket with patches, and round retro sunglasses.

Retro Boho Rocker

Denim overalls over a tie-dye t-shirt, platform sneakers with floral embroidery, a bucket hat with a peace sign patch, and a backpack with botanical prints.

Urban Flower Child

A satin slip dress in jewel tones, strappy heels, a faux fur stole, statement earrings with gemstones, and a velvet choker.

Sultry Soul Siren

Painter's overalls splattered with colorful paint, a graphic t-shirt with art-inspired prints, canvas sneakers, a beret, and a tote bag with an artsy design.

Artistic Bohemian Muse

So, here you have some wonderful options to consider. Don't forget to check the video for more variations and new ideas to pick the best hippie neo soul outfits.